Is she taking me for granted?

Ok, so my new girlfriend Works A LOT, so she sometimes doesn't have time to answer texts, (although she does log in to her social accounts through out the day), I only leave a good morning text and we talk like 30 min when she is on lunch break, and when she gets out of work.

My problem, or rather my dilema, is that I feel she can only speak when she is free, and I have to make time for her when I am not 100% free. Does that make sense?

For example, today she went shopping with her boss (female), she didn't respond my call because she was shopping? I repond her call when I am WORKING... Am i making a fuss over nothing here?

Thanks in advance...


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What Girls Said 1

  • So im reading this here, and I'm seeing that she doesn't exactly appreciate you and she's not trying to make time for you, so you're not an exact priority to her, That's what I'm seeing anyways. I don't really know your relationship, so I can't make a definitive answer. But I do see that your trying harder than she is maybe you need to talk to her about this, you should communicate how you're feeling. If you don't Tell her than she can't know.


What Guys Said 1

  • no. you're needy.
    you require more attention than she's willing to give.
    it doesn't sound like a good match.


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