Am I too needy in this case?

I have been seen a guy for a while , I live 15 min away from him but we don't usually hang out on weekdays, sometimes we text for a little during the day. Yesterday I texted him if he was on campus and told him I wanted to do hw with him , he didn't say anything, so I asked him If I am too needy for him, he said 'oh you can come over to work in my house'. Later I was in his house, he hung out with me for a little bit then he went to stay in a different room to watch his video. Am I too needy in this case?


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  • it definitely sounds like you need something. are you preparing him for a move-in lol?

    • Lol no , I just want to hang out with him on weekday instead of just weekends

    • i don't think that's a lot to ask for. i do prefer my personal space, but if y'all are getting serious then you need to push him a little to acclimate your presence to his and not just a weekend thing.

  • Maybe or he just likes his private time


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