Do I have a right to be a bit upset at my partner over this?

I have been studying for a huge test for my licensure and I told this person how I am so over it and never ever wanna look at what I am studying ever again. And I wanted them to comfort me all they said back to me was, "Oh stop it." And I asked if my complaining annoyed them and all they said back to me was "Nah" I was sort of pissed. Do I have a right to feel a little annoyed at their response... or should I just move on...

Should I tell the person how I don't like at times when I tell them something they say "Oh stop it" because it makes me feel a bit hurt? If its good I tell them, how can I tell them what they said bothered me in a nice way?


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  • Communication is key in any relationship. If you have no communication, then honestly, how is there? You need to talk it out work through the problem. If you don't work through it and avoid it, it will just end up building up and hurting. So just talk to him about it.

    • Your 10000% right I sent them a message about it. I feel a lot better I am waiting to hear back from him.

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