What are the ten things you look in a guy when you first meet?

Well yeah I am but I'm still young on the inside.
Besides you are just making an excuse because you see I'm thirty, you want to know what I know though? I know that you are Young a need an older father figure.


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  • I first see their eyes, I then look for their personality traits, are they kind or self absorbed or whatever. Then I want to know their thoughts and passions, are they well aware of themselves? Do they have goals? Then I look for the little things that make them a little odd and uniquely them, I like to learn as much as I can because a person's life and soul can be a very interesting and beautiful thing

    • That's cool I never get any if those things from girls they usually say I'm funny or outgoing. It seems that you speak a different language and that's really exhausted to Know!

  • 1) not a serial killer
    2) humor
    3) honesty
    4) That you don’t look like you had a doughnut binge in the past week
    5) Someone to explore places with
    6) someone that I might be able to party with
    7) Someone that cares about others just as much or more than he cares about his image or ego
    8) that I’ll be able to talk to him about ANYTHING and trust him with secrets (this is starting to sound like a typical teen list for the perfect boyfriend on some chick flick)
    9) Loyalty
    10) And that he’ll give a shit about me.
    (I’m sorry some of these were a bit passive aggressive)

    • Well obviously I'm not a killer. I have humor. I am honest. I don't drink. I am and adventure. I am entertaining. I am charismatic and perfect.

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    • I'm going to delete this question since I'm not getting my point cross good-bye!

    • Hey I'm not sure you noticed but you just told me you had a girlfriend. Are you ok right now. Yesterday you said that you were in jail. Well I'm not in jail sweet heart and I'm just repeating what that gay man is saying on TV. Have fun with you little girl friend since you ate going to hell! There's a special place for you in Satan's heart.

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