Rules of paying on dates...?

Who pays for what? Dinner dates and drinks at bars?

When should a girl start paying?

And if a girl helps paying from the start will this set the trend for the relationship and what does this behavior say to a guy?

How do you feel about paying on dates? ... guys and girls


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  • Well I may be young and be very wealthy so I always think that I should be the one paying since am the one blessed with wealth. Also I think that guys are supposed to always pay.

    • I agree since I was raised in a very traditional house where the man always provides for the woman. So I guess if the man can afford it, he should always pay? When you date long term then you can start splitting things.

    • I was raised very proper and traditional so yes I guess that's probably why I think men are supposed to provide for women. You are very correct about the long term thing the reason being because a couple become more like 1 being after a while and who pays doesn't even matter to them anymore. Lastly, do not quote me on if the man is wealthy enough he should always pay because that is not what I said. That is just my opinion on things. There is no right or wrong thing to do if you ask me.

    • I wasn't quoting, just asking if that was your opinion to get a feel for what guys think. Thanks for clarifying! And I agree with you

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    I think you have to consider the guys situation when your going on dates...if he's a poor student let him pay if he wants but OFFER to pay your half.

    I ended up always, well most of the time, paying my way in relationships and yes if you do that from the start it becomes a norm (and a bit of a drag!)

    If he is generous its much easier because you don't feel bad about it and him drinks back etc making the whole date/relationship much more enjoyable for the both of ye.

    If he isn't generous (like this one guy I dated FOR A YEAR -I was young, who dawdled in the que for the cinema so I had no choice but to pay for my own ticket.)

    good luck!

    • Yea, I've had those relationships when I was younger and it stinks but that's what happens when you're starving students. I'm older and have my own career so things are different. I like to offer but expect a guy to pay for me in the beginning to show what kind of man he is. Lately I've dated very wealthy men and they take it personally if I try to pay and think they get offended so I stopped offering as much. I don't want to feel like a hooker or using them though!

    • making a guy feel like your not using him is key for a wealthy individual