How to ask someone out?

there's this super cute girl in class that I really like. But she's really beautiful and I feel like I have no chance. Actually, I probably don't (I'm not ugly, I'm just not "super hot". U could say she's out of my league) but besides the point, how do you ask someone out? I haven't done it before since I'm foreign and there u dont exactly date in highschool. I just want to know how I would do it if I decided to.

Also I'm worried that if I get rejected, that will be the most akwardest class I have, and I really like it too lol. How would I deal with that?


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  • compliment her. tell her you like her in an open ended way so she knows your intent. ask her out to something small like a coffee shop or on a walk. but when you ask her out say it like "let's go get a coffee..."... have an exact date and time.

    cuz girls like a guy who takes the lead.

    if she says yes get her number.

    if she says no shrug it off and move on.

    • who cares if you get rejected you are only 15. And she probably won't be the one or maybe she will be if she is not prepare for more rejections in the future all guys go through it.

      Michael Jordan once said you can't make the shots you don't take. Just try and learn from the experience.

    • Alright. Thanks

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