Dating get easier as you get older?

i am a lad in his 20s lol and I've been single my entire life! its kinda depressing, but if I show interest in a girl, she doesn't respond the way I'd like, and if a girl shows interest in me, I'm not liking the attention at all, I always have unattractive girls after me, if any girls at all, I never know if girls like me or anything. I'm not into the party get crazy lifestyle so that's probably one reason nobody likes me. I'm more of a stay home and help with the family type guy. I'm going to college tho locally, just not away... where all the cute girls went... away

it feels like ill never find the girl I'm looking for. I don't think there's anything wrong with me, I'm good looking, smart, and friendly, have a good sense of humor and I'm personable not into drugs but not entirely opposed to drinking. I currently have a job, id just like to feel wanted at some point by someone that I think is attractive as well. I've never even kissed a girl and it feels pathetic! will things ever get easier?


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  • We girls feel the same way. But you guys are luckier. You can choose among so many girls. You only need courage and charisma. I suggest you learn to like girls within your own level. Not so high that these girls won't overlook you. Try the girls in your environment. If you don't like these girls then change environment. It helps if you have some money and dress good and a good looking face. Girls would fall in love easily with one of these attributes. If you aren't attractive enough at last you should have money and power. That helps a lot. f you do not have money now, you can earn it buy working your way up. Good luck.


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  • Age only brings wisdon if you're open to it. While some dudes become jaded with their "lack of success" other dudes learn, take action, and make progress.

    If you're unwilling to see that dating and building attraction are skills you can develop then you'll never be open to learning how. And trust me, it's VERY possible. I didn't get good with women until my late 20's and it was definately worth the wait.

    Go online, read the dating advice that many guys are sharing in forums like this, and be willing to actually take action.

    Massive attraction takes massive action.

    A little attraction takes a little action.

    But it all takes you getting off your butt and talking to the girls you find cute.

    My first peice of advice would be this - don't worry if she finds you cute, or attractive, or stupid. It's none of your business what she thinks. All you need to worry about is whether YOU think she's funny, or smart, or cute, or worth getting to know. Come from that frame and automatically women will respond differently to you.

    Remember - dating is FUN!

    ~ Robby

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