Hard for me to put myself out there?

Just as the title states. I have a hard time putting myself out there, especially when it comes to women. There is not much for me to talk about, since I don't have much experiences or things that I deem "front page" worthy. In addition, I find it even more difficult due to not having much positive experiences in this field. The few times I have had dates, they just weren't the right young ladies. There was one example of this is a recent encounter with this young lady that I consider just a weird out right rejection. This young lady I would see every so often walking her dog. Whenever I would see her I would say hello, and she would respond. On other days she would actually beat me to it, and say hello to me first. One day I decided to get her name and asked her a little about her dog. Ever since that it seems like she has been avoiding me, because I have seen her very sporadically (but only three times since I asked for her name). Then on one of the occasions I did see her, it seemed like she didn't want to look in my direction. Now where I would've seen her everyday, I barely see her and it just seems like she doesn't even want to say a thing to me. I gave this story as an example of some of my encounters with women.

When I do decide to go out, I just feel like the oddball and weird inside. It seems like most people already have their groups, where they share their own inside jokes, stories, and have a history together. Whereas myself I am the new person coming in they won't really pay me much mind, and I am stuck trying to figure out what to say and not be boring (which is my normal lifestyle). So it's like a "catch-22," where if I don't socialize I won't find a girl, but when I do socialize it makes me realize even more how much of an outcast I am. I am looking for some advice on my whole conundrum


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  • We all have to start somewhere. I always felt like an outsider to start with. You have to get to know someone & form relationships & then you become part of the group. It takes time & effort with like minded people.


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  • 80 percent of dudes don't approach women I know the media makes it seem like all of us do but truthfully the majority don't and the 20 percent that do approach women approach EVERY woman and they're usually assholes that give regular guys a bad name so yeah take that knowledge and do whatever with it.

  • You ask them out when you meet them. Don't go back and stalk them. If you stalked me I'd avoid you too. It's more about steering a conversation than bragging. Say something like first date game 20 questions. Ask a question and see what she says. Try to be charming yet assertive. Always compliment the looks.

    • I don’t know where you got me stalking her from, but that is far from it.

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    • Nah it just happens we live in the same neighborhood, and when I went to pick up the mail or wash my car I would see her.

    • Then also there is nowhere I say I would just show up where she was, I stated that I would "see her every so often." So there is no way you could have gotten that I was stalking her from what I have posted.

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