Guys, what do you think was going through his mind?

Me and this guy i had a huge crush on always use to lock eyes like all the time, i just couldn’t keep my eyes off him and he obviosly noticed. everytime i saw him around school this would happend. Many times when i turned around i would catch him staring at me and turning away fast. If he was sitting down and i was around he would literally turn his body twoards me, run his fingers through his hair stuff like that.
I feel like all of this is signs of at least attraction. Turns out tho he has a girlfriend and is not interested. He never admited to be attracted to me but i can’t help but wonder, what do you guys think?


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  • Being dudes like it when girls have a crush on them so they need to confirm it without leading you on only problem is our signs of being conspicuous and trying not to get caught or give you the wrong idea is your signs of flirting

    Just cause a guy is nice to you and looks at you doesn't mean he wants to fuck you.

    • It’s not that i think a guy likes me just because he looks at me once or twice... but this was something that went on for a really long time, and this prolonged eye contact happend daily. Everytime i didn’t pay attention to him i would catch him staring at me.

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    • I guess that's just the difference between guys and girls :/

    • I guess..

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