Do dating sites work?

OK I am 19 years old and just moved away from all my friends to take care of my grandfather who is quadriplegic (in a wheel chair). I have been in this new town for about a year now and well haven't made any friends. My job is very stressful and also really lonely. Recently all the stress has gotten to me and I am slipping into a depression, have developed insomnia, and some other stress related health hazards.

I know that by getting out of my house and meeting people will help tremendously, but I work as a home health aid and don't see anyone other then other disabled and/or handicapped people. Not that that's bad its just that my clients don't make great company. I don't do the club scene it's just not my thing, I also can't get into bars although I do like to go to a pool hall once in a while.

I have been thinking about posting a profile on yahoo personals or some thing, not to meet anyone for anything serious just foo a few nights out. I was just wondering if these sites work.


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  • Well, I have been feel a little stressed out with unversity, and have been feeling depression as a result. I am not much of a club person, at all! More of a library person. lol. I tried out some online dating sites, but I never really did anything. The whole online dating thing kind of freaked me out. Many of the guys on there always questioned me "what do you look like (even though my pic was there), what is the size of every part of your body?" This really bothered me, and even when I did see a decent guy, I just couldn't believe that they would go out with me and stay with me. I thought it was all going to be heart break in the end. :( I talked to a couple of guys that didn't live in my country, and they seemed nice and talked to me. We goofed around talking about stupidity, but they always seemed to just delete me or block me. Have no idea why and it really bothered me. So I guess if you just want to meet up with someone, yeah I think it can work, but I am still a little iffy about it. As long as they live near you, it can work. Long distance, uhhh not so much.

  • since your looking for just friendly outings with other individuals I would have to say yes the online sites do work very simple and easy to meet /date people but as far as things escalating from that idk.


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