I NEVER mentioned/accused/insinuated the word cheating - yet he becomes so defensive and shouts at me "i'm not cheating" ?

So i need an understanding, why a guy would become so defensive - if he had nothing to hide right?
I suspect an emotional affair (and kept this to myself) his co- worker said she had left her partner, and that she had the weekend to relax. This was all done in text message. and he was texting her back most of the day. (i did my best to ignore) however when im with him in car or house, he 'tilts' his phone away from my direction, can't help but feel it's a bit shady?

I never called him out on it though - and never mentioned any words about affairs/cheating etc. He did sense very strongly that i looked pissed off with this tennis ball texting.


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  • Yep, he's freaking cheating.


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