This girl seems to be obsessed with my boyfriend?

So one of my boyfriends coworkers follows him on Instagram. She likes nearly everything he posts and comments sarcastic comments on his posts like "you're not even funny" etc. My boyfriend actually replied to one comment joking to her to stop stalking his page. It makes me feel uncomfortable. What's her deal? From what I have seen on her Instagram page she has a boyfriend. And she seems to be young. Just finished high school this year or last year (Think she's 19). Me and my boyfriend are in our 20s. (I'm 23, he's 26). Help?


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  • I understand u are worried but u shouldn't be as long as u trust your man that's all that matters

    • It just annoys me. I mean she has a boyfriend so why is she obsessed with my boyfriend. It kind of seems like she is flirting with him

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    • I don't know if that's how guys think? Would they normally leave someone they love for an attractive girl?

    • Would u leave your man for a attractive male

What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like she in quite immature, as long as you and your boyfriend are on the same page I would just let it go.

    • Why does she sound immature? Well my boyfriend always says he loves me so much so I think we are.

    • Stalking someone on social media is immature

  • Communicate your discomfort with the situation to either party


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