Should I call him or forget about it?

Ok, so I spent the weekend/a few extra days with my friend visiting her friends in another city (we stayed in a hotel and did some sightseeing on our own but also spent a lot of time with them). I thought one of her guy friends was cute and interesting but didn't say anything because I am shy. He started talking to me more when my friend was with her other friends and at one point started kissing me. It's been a year since I kissed anyone let alone more-we didn't have "intercourse" (he tried a couple times but I'm not very experienced, like I had told him, and penetration still hurts me so it wasn't fully) but we did everything else.. Then he tells me that he was in the process of getting back with his ex and was unsure and that I would meet her the next night when we all went out and that she was jealous.. The following night I spent some time with them but I felt so bad about the situation about the girlfriend being there and I felt guilty and started crying and wanted to go home, so I took an Uber and left to the hotel early because my friend still wanted to hang out with her friends. I felt like I liked him and also hurt. I told my friend what had happened and she said that she felt guilty about introducing me to her friends and that they had always been good people and don't see her that way so she's never had that problem but said if I was so sad then I should just let it go. I'm back home now and have the guy's number saved on my phone because my friend had given numbers to me in case I needed them while I was in the city. I'm wondering if I should delete his number or tell him about how I felt about everything and that I felt bad about it-it's just hard to get everything out of my mind and I'm trying to process it


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