Did she ever intend to give me a chance?

I asked a girl I had a great friendship with if she'd like to go out, and she at first was concerned with the age difference, but said she was very attracted to me and we needed to hang out more.
We arranged a date, and when the day came, I couldn't get ahold of her
Then she said she wanted to go out then deactivated her Instagram account, and that was the only way we'd communicate.
Then she hit me up and we talked a few days, and I asked her of she still wanted to go out and she said she appreciated my interest, but was already talking to someone.
So I blocked her. I felt lead on.
Did she ever intend to give me a chance?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have been in the same situation before. In that situation I was the girl too. I was afraid I would lose my friendship. Also, I really liked the boy but my gut told me that he wasn’t the one for me. So I stopped talking to him without any warning. I felt bad at the time and I do now. But in my mind, stopping contact without any warning would be better than telling him how I felt about him


Most Helpful Guy

  • Does it matter? When someone expresses reservations up front, the possibilities become more tentative.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She might have been talking to both of you and then things went faster with the other guy. It seems to me though that she never intended to.


What Guys Said 1

  • Nope she played u for a fool because she lost likely didn't want to hurt your feelings but it's worst that way


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