Would you date someone who doesn't have a car, job and is in his last year of university?

I don't have a car or job (I can't work right now because of my university schedule), I don't have a father so we depend on my mother income it is more than enough but still she can't give me much to spend, this is not an issue for me since I'm not a fan of going to clubs or buying stuff I don't need like 200$ sun glasses or things like that.

I feel I don't have anything to offer in a relationship since I don't have a car to take her to places or money to do anything fancy or travel. Would you date someone on my situation or will it be a dealbreaker?

GUYS just pretend if a girl was in this situtation I'm curious on what would you answer
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What Girls Said 2

  • He has to have plans which is 0 tolerance. If i'm doing well with my life i need someone to be willing to put in that same effort in order for anything to move forward. The best thing to do is voice the position you're in so she can discuss or make up her mind on what she wants. Don't stress yourself out but talk to her about where you're at right now and how you want to cater to her but you're working on getting there in the future.

    Though if she doesn't agree than you can't blame her because if you're not stable than you're not just take that time to work on you before committing to anyone. I am not saying those 2 things make a relationship stable but that's how the dates start and women are expensive especially if you're pursuing a relationship.

  • Yeah


What Guys Said 1

  • I think a Girl would if you have good Job prospects after University, don't have a bunch of debt, and are still fun to be around, Being attractive doesn't hurt, either.


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