Why did this guy get interested in me?

It was a birthday night of my friend and his friends were there. One of his friends, Tyler used to like me till I rejected him but we stayed friends and at the birthday night, I talked to him about his personality

“saying I know he is afraid to fall in love but he actually has a love addiction and that’s because he lacked love in childhood and felt like he never was good enough and I told him that sometimes I feel like that too and he just like me needs a therapy.”

Another guy, Andreas, heard us talking and I assume he heard out conversation because he was near us.

Next day Andreas added me on IG and asked me out, saying I made a very good impression on him at that night.

However that night I didn’t even flirt with him and didn’t even pay him attention. Just joked with him once or twice. That was all. How did I stay in his mind or what about me made him interested enough to ask me out that soon?

He is a very mature and smart person.


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  • Guys get excited when a woman is single and looking (or appears to be). I think that's the main reason here.

    • I haven’t shown a sign that I want a relationship or something. And therw werw other prettier girls who were also single, but he got interested in me for some reason. I am really curious why

    • Perception is reality on these things, though, plus if you are really well-spoken, that impresses many guys too.

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