When is the best time to tell someone you like them?

I have fought in my head about this. But I can never sense the right moment in when it is the right time to tell someone that you are interested in them away from just friends. Sometimes there is the chance of telling them too soon, which is what I usually do. But this time I have not tried to be my regular self when it comes to talking to someone. I just want to tell him that I like him more than a friend but I am unsure when or truly how to go about it without making it weird.


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What Guys Said 1

  • There will always be nervousness. Do it when you sense the Moment is Right and he is in a relaxed mood.

    • I barely see him in person and I feel like a message stating I like you would be a little weird.

    • That is something you should never message him. Message him that you need to talk to him.

What Girls Said 1

  • You have to read off of the way he's acting towards in order to tell if he's feeling the same as way. I say this because when you tell someone that you're interested what happens next? Are the two of you taking it to the next level, dating, or pursing a relationship with one another? Because you may confess and nothing happens but complete awkward vibes.


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