What does it mean if he doesn’t open my snaps?

I met this guy through my friend and he started talking to me and we really hit it off. We’ve been seeing eaccother for a bit under two months and now, with busy schedules we haven’t seen each other for two weeks. He opens my snaps immediately in the morning and evening and answers but ahen it gets a bit more later, he doesn’t. I’ve started to afraid that he’s not into me anymore so I don’t snap him as much anymore. Should I just let it go since we’re nothing official or is he maybe feeing something too?

He’s still in snapchat tho, m and his snap score gets higher, too. Should I be concerned that he’s losing interest or am I just overreacting? Why won’t he open them?
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  • Snapping is like sending photos and not opening or checking the history? Why don't you guys just chat in PM way?

    • We did at first but both just figured out that snapping is more our thing. We only PM any serious or deeper kind of conversations.

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    • He’s not like a dude to only need sexual things or anything. He’s said he wants a relationship with me about a week ago, which i said I’m not ready for due to past scenes. He’s a really nice guy in an old gentleman way, which is why the situation slightly confuses me. Maybe Imll just PM him and ask whats up

    • If I was into a girl with relationship, I wouldn't try to skip any single night without wishing her good night. He should be showing he is really into you

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think isn't into you he just ghosts you guys lead you on for fun it happen to me... so just let that cunt suck his own eggs an hatch it loool XD but yeah remove him or just ghost him back

    Ghosts means they don't reply but they open ur message n snaps but no reply

    BAD SIGN!!!

    • He’s a really really nice guy in all honesty, and he’s not even ghosting me. He just doesn’t open the damned snaps. But yeah, I don’t think he’s into me anymore, either. A shame but gotta move on

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  • He’s busy and just not that into you. Give up. Move on. Nothing to be concerned about.

    • Yeah, I think so too. I just wish he’d tell me if he’s not into me anymore, I guess

    • Some people are just afraid to.

  • You're oversnapping him.

    • But I don’t snap him much. Usually, it’s one or two snaps and whenever he snaps me something I can answer to. I thought about that too at dirst but I really don’t snap much.

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    • Just regular. Usually, it’s me answering to something he sends.

    • Looking at your snaps twice a day is often enough. In my personal opinion.

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