Why won’t he open my snaps even tho he’s online?

I met this guy through my friend and he started talking to me and we really hit it off. We’ve been seeing eaccother for a bit under two months and now, with busy schedules we haven’t seen each other for two weeks. He opens my snaps immediately in the morning and evening and answers but ahen it gets a bit more later, he doesn’t. I’ve started to afraid that he’s not into me anymore so I don’t snap him as much anymore. Should I just let it go since we’re nothing official or is he maybe feeing something too?

He’s still in snapchat tho, m and his snap score gets higher, too. Should I be concerned that he’s losing interest or am I just overreacting? Why won’t he open them?


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  • The question that you have to ask yourself is "What are we?" if you're just seeing a guy than he does not owe you communication or his consistency of time. You're driving yourself insane trying to figure out why he's not replying instead of asking him about communication in order for both things to work both ways. If he's ignoring you that means he does not feel obligated to communicate besides you're just the female that he's "hitting it off with" and don't be surprised if you're not the only one he's doing this with. Be cautious because if feelings are one sided you can hurt your feelings from expecting too much.

    If the two of you did not communicate whatever you guys have going on than yes, he is communicating with his bro's or other females and won't open your message because he doesn't feel the need to. Guys aren't hard to figure out but you can only drive yourself crazy from thinking he did not see it when it actually did but just doesn't want to open it.

    • I feel like he is, or at least was, pretty ready for something more. He made it clear that he wants a relationship which i told him I’m not ready for and I know he’d never talk to more than women at once since he hates cheaters and any people who ay with more than one people. I feel like I should ask what’s it that we’re doing, because you’re right that I’m just driving myself insane here.

    • Any guy will tell you what you want to hear as long as you continue to fall for it. Whatever he does when the two of you aren’t around is what he’s going to do so the best bet is to ask, yes.

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