Girls, Why would she tell me she wants to explore her options and go on other dates?

To keep it short and simple. I have been on two dates with this girl so far and we had a great time on both dates and Friday night she told me how i am a great person and he is having a great time, she told me on Saturday she's going to her parents for a few days i told her ok text me later. so Monday night she text me and said she's sorry for not getting back to me but then said I love the time we spend together but I want to explore my options and see different people. I told her well if you feel that way that's fine give me a call when you change your mind and Well see where I am at! she then said thanks and that was it for now.

So could someone explain whats going on>?


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  • She probably likes you and the attention you’re giving her, but she’s scared of committing to a relationship

    • I just talked to her earlier this evening ad i think your right cuz she didn't mention anything about dating other dudes but she said give me some time to think. so i told her take all the time you need and if you need anything give me a call :)

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  • She's not that into you

  • I think she pretty well explained what's going on.

    • please explain? thanks

    • What did she say? She said she wants to date around and explore other options. What part don't you understand?

    • I guess if she wants to see if she can find someone better than me; isn't that an insult to me that she don't think im good enough? should i even want to date her when she comes back?

  • I guess she wan't to see if she can do better.

    • should i take that as an insult and move on?

    • I don't know. She migth even really liked the dates. But appereantly not enough to date you exclusively. I'd say don't limit yourself and continue dating others. I think it would be funny if you could tell her that you too explored your options and found someone else lol

    • yep she screwed up her chances

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