Why does he care?

So I met this guy. Turns out I used to talk to his friend. We talked from couple months and stopped. Anyways this new guy I like a lot. He ended up asking his friend about me.. his friend told him that he didn’t like me or whatever (lies). But today his friend called him while he was driving to work and told him that I wouldn’t be good for him and his type of girl. He said I m never emotional about anyone’s feelings , he said that I never gave him any importance. Also asked my guy if we talk Romantic and asked what I see in the new guy that I didn’t see in Him. He also told him not to bring me around him I’m wondering why does his friend that I used to talk to care? Why does he call him to ask about me and try to tell him not to talk to me and stuff? Why does he care plus he has a girlfriend now !
What did he mean by I didn’t give him any importance


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