Reunited with my first love. To pursue or not pursue?

When I was 19 I met this beautiful girl right after I graduated highschool. She made the summer of 2010 the best. So many good memories. Once summer ended our fling ended too. I didn’t want to but she kept telling me there's so much out there for us especially me, since I was heading off to college. I was heartbroken. It basically took two years for me to be okay with the thought of us being no more.
Long story short I joined the Navy, traveled the world, dated different women and now I live in California doing what I love, photography! Im 28 now. Me and her always kept in contact with small talk here and there.
Her uncle lives here in Cali close to me and she suggested for us to hangout as well. She came over and we drank some IPAs. We caught up on our current lifes and the conversations were so great we talked until the sunrise. We hooked up and everywhere we went it was like we were a couple holding hands. It felt as there was no time spent apart. Me and her hung out for about three more days here. I showed her the city and had so much fun. It was one of the greatest times of my life.
She left back home to Tennessee but now I realise we talk more than usual (no more small talk). She plans to move out here. I’m going back home for the holidays and she said she’ll be down to go out again. I ask her about her goals and right now she says she’s been focusing on her career same as me. I just can’t tell if she’s still into me. She goes MIA and then the next day were in full blown conversations. I’d love to be with her (here especially) but like I said I’m also trying to focus on my life and career and I know I can easily get distracted.
I know she puts me at ease and the sound of her voice sounds like home and ever since she left I can’t get her off my mind again.


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