Girls, have u ever chased/ reached out to a guy who blocked or dumped you again?

The reason he dumped u can be anything.
Can be because of ur mistake, or his mistake, or just misunderstanding.

The point is have u ever chased him back whether months or year later because you still think about him a lot (basically in love with him)? And turns out, he accepts u again.


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  • My ex has done that twice after she broke up with me, and she always came back, and I always took her back

    • Why u welcomed her back.

    • desperation comes to mind... and as a second, failure?

    • Because, the first time I still wanted to try a relationship with her. It was fine, but we broke up because I wasn't a Mormon like she was. But two years later, she reached out again and we got back together. Mainly because I loved her and I wanted to try to be together and not let the difference affect us, but she let it and we broke up again.

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  • No. Once I'm done that's it. I have chased a guy I loved but once I realized he didn't want a relationship with me I literally moved to a different city to get away from him and moved on.


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  • My boyfriend broke up with me and after a few weeks he chased me again. Now we are better than before.


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