Is just with me cause I was an easy target?

My boyfriend and I been dating for 8 months. I love him and he says he loves me. He said he wants kids with me and wants to be together forever (he said he was looking for a serious solid relationship when we met). But my boyfriend has ADHD which causes him to glance at things.. everything seems like. Since I'm insecure when he glances at other girls I get insecure even more cause in my mind I'm thinking he wants her. We went in the store and he was touching everything on the shelves and when walking by aisles he would glance down every aisle. Sometimes glances twice at girls. Is he serious about me? Is this something I should take serious?
I met his family and friends by the way. He hasn't pressured me into sex


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  • Is he getting treatment for his ADHD?

    • No. He doesn't like the doctors

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    • Like is he not satisfied?

    • I don't know much about ADHD, but I from what you posted, I would think it's due to the ADHD and not a lack of interest in you, which is why I asked if he is getting treatment (it sounded to me like he wasn't, as you confirmed). My advice to people in similar situations is to tell their boyfriend of girlfriend that if they want you as a partner, they have to seek help and work hard to get things under control.

  • He's normal don't worry.


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