What does it mean when a guy tells you he does not know what he wants from life but does not want to lose you and requests space going no contact?

He was texting me every day, asked for more time together & said he was not seeing anyone else, the next day I started feeling him pulling away. I asked what it was about he said it was stress at work + master thesis + he did not want to come back from his hometown after the holidays. We still were in regular contact & met once, then last week he did not talk to me for 3 days. I knew he had a deadline, so I gave him space until the day after. When I texted him asking why I had no news, he said he thought he had replied to my last message (I had replied to his question) and that he was caught up in the deadline. Since he said he thought he replied, I asked whether he did not think it was weird I did not reply for 2 days knowing my habits & given the fact that we talk every day. He said he is just going through a bad time & that it's cyclical. I was busy so I did not text back. Two hours later he texted again saying he hoped I could understand him. Knowing that he backs off when he is pissed/ loses interest & being the change in the relationship so drastic, I told him to be straight if he lost interest and that either way if he wanted space I would give him. He said he was being straight, he is simply going through a bad moment where he does not know what he wants but above all, he does not want to lose me & that I know he is not very expressive sometimes. I was on a business trip and did not open the text he sent at noon before midnight. 24h later he sent me a question mark. I texted back that I care about him & I am sorry if he is not well. I also said he can take his time/ space & that we can postpone the conversation since whatever I would say right now might sound like I was scolding him when my intention is just to communicate constructively because I think he is someone I can communicate honestly and maturely with. He replied the next day 'thanks for your comprehension' with 3 hearts & said he hoped my business trip was going well. I did not reply to that.


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  • It means “I’m not interested in you and never will be unless you just want to fuck when I want it”. Move on. Don’t ever fall for that bullshit


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