Will he ever change his mind?

I have a guy friend. We are really good friends. But once upon a time we were more than friends but he just couldn’t handle a serious relationship at the time so he called things off. He fought so hard to remain friends because he said even though he didn’t love me, he cared about me a lot & would be devastated to lose me from his life. I was never an option, back up plan, kept around to have sex etc. He wanted genuine friendship & he proved that to me.

He has feelings for another girl & she recently broke his heart by saying they would never be more than friends. I believe one of the reasons he called things off with me is because he had feelings for her & at the time their story was unfinished. But now she has made it clear they will never be together.

So would it be possible that he would change his mind about being with me in the future? He once said he found me incredibly attractive & surely he wouldn’t have attempted to date me if he didn’t feel something? I know he cares about me otherwise he would have let me walk away when I tried to cut him out my life.


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  • A person doesn't need to be in love with someone to have a relationship with them. Love develops over time. But he obviously doesn't look on you as girlfriend material. He's made it clear he doesn't want a relationship with you. So i would just accept that , and not cling to the hope he'll change his mind one day. Or you could be waiting forever.

    Some people can genuinely care about someone , and want them in their life, but they don't necesarilly want to pursue a relationship with them


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