Hangin out with my friends...

how much is hangin out with your friends, too much, like I haven't seen my girlfriend for the past three days, because I have been spending tha night at my friends houses. she says I've been spending too much time with them and not her, I don't know is this clingy or do I hang out with my bro's too much? gotta put bros before hoes right?


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  • You should be trying to make time for everybody important in your life.


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  • She has expressed you don't spend enough time with her, obviously she would like more time with you-- it would annoy me too if my boyfriend spent most of his free time with his friends .. anyway, if you are referring to her as a 'hoe', you don't sound ready for a relationship..

    • bros before hoees is a commonly used expression...

    • yer, I know... but the point is if she was important to you, you would show her more respect and it would not be so hard to put her first ... at least once in a while. Good luck!

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  • Look, this is the opposite of what happened to an ex-bestfriend I had. (this ain't the reason he ain't my friend no more). But, he spent all his time with his girlfriend, and she was a total bitch to everyone else. we told him to spend more time with us, but he didn't listen. Their relationship ended really really badly. All you need to do is next time you hang out with your bros, call her, if she says, why aren't you hangin out with me, you should say, Its Bro's Before Hoe's, but the the thing is, you aren't a hoe, so I'm going to make time for you, then take her out on a date in the next couple days. That will get her to love you more.

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