Is she just not ready to talk? Is she mad? Is she thinking?

I've unfortunately been in an on and off relationship with this seemingly amazing girl, and she kept separating us because of a religious difference. But we keep getting back together, and our relationship continues to evolve and she would let us get closer and develop a better relationship.
But back in 2015, we broke up, and because of how I reacted, she said she didn't. want me in her life anymore. And I accepted it.
Then mid 2016, she decided to go on her mission after a visit from the holy Spirit, and the holy spirit also instructed her to reach out to me.
We got back together and our relationship became nothing but incredible. We even planned to get married and everything, but she had to leave on her mission. But she became almost robotic before she left. She broke things off because I wanted to talk to my girlfriend, not a missionary. But I tried to fix things and she was still so conflicted, but only would talk to me about the church.
I let things be for the rest of the mission, and I reached out towards the end to fix things, and I didn't hear anything.
I messaged her phone, which was now her brothers, and he said she got my letter.
I just tried to reach out on social media, but she denied my request and I don't think even read my message.

I'm just absolutely devastated. I thought she was my soulmate. I keep getting told that she may still be thinking and just isn't ready to talk yet. Im worried she's mad at me for something.
I feel betrayed, she said I had become her home, that I was her best friend, and she thought god brought us together again because our love could last a lifetime.

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  • She's still decompressing
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  • she's thinking about us still
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  • She is mad

    • Why? I sent her letters apologizing I've done so much to make it right

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    • You can waiting a week

    • But she's been home for at least a month

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