Girlfriend very insecure what to do?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 months now, she’s 31 and I am 29. I recently went to Cancún with some guy friends for 10 days. Since I’ve been back she’s been cold and odd, I was very upfront with her and told her about my whole trip. She finally came clean and said what bothered her was one of my IG stories there was a half naked girl
in it. I went back and looked at my stories and the girl she was talking about was a girl in a bikini in the background of one of my stories by the pool... I think This is unreasonable seeing as it’s a pool and they’ll be people around. Why is she so insecure?


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  • Problems like this are more serious. Is one thing when teenagers fight over some misunderstanding but when adults do it is more difficult. In part because I do take your stance, there should be trust in the relationship. But if I were her I will be somewhat mad as well. Just imagine if your girls and her girlfriends went to Cancun and you saw some handsome guy in the background of one of his pics and she didn't told about it. I mean, we guys know that a guy around some girls in the pool on a trip is dangerous because there is nothing to stop him approaching. Females think similar, they know guys will approach and you girls seen that girl in talking distance from you she will start wondering.

    And problem is females forget but is hard for them to forgive. They will be thinking about it over and over. Hence why in arguments they will bring things you have forgot already.

    But anyways, what you want is to solve this issue. If you have money you could go to some couple therapy. A good 3 sessions will solve the problem. But if you don't, then you could do it like everyone else. Sit her down in the table and tell her how much you love her and the relationship. But you don't like how she has been acting recently and you want things to go back as they were. And you will do what ever it takes to get there. You will tell her the story again with times and dates and you will give her the option to contact your friends that were with you. Something like "I am telling you the truth I can call Mike and Sam and you can ask them yourself if you don't wanna believe me"
    Point is, trying to convince her you are not hiding everything and you are opening the door for her to do any investigation until she is convince you are telling the truth and back to the normal life.

    O and an advice, if this issue doesn't resolve well from now on every time you go on trips you will have to take her or she will become suspicious about them. I know having some good fun with the mates is great but once you make that decision of going into a relationship you got to make some sacrifices.

    Goodluck ✌️


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