What should I do? is he playing with me?

So i started msging a guy on instagram who i met at on vacation. Nothing happened between us but he was trying to get with me. We were flirting and he said You’re trouble and then when I replied back to him saying lol what makes you say that? He took 4 days to reply back and his response was jk... im the real trouble😝. Usually he replys back after a day or less but he took so long this time. What does he mean by he’s trouble this? What should I say back? Or should ignore him?
he's a taurus by the way


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  • In my opinion Horoscopes should not be taken seriously when taking real decision that will affect your future. They are more like a fun way to play around with others.
    Therefore we will ignore him been a Taurus.

    So you met him on a vacation. What are the plans for this guy? Do you want something serious? Do you want a casual sex when you go on vacation again? You want him as a friend? Maybe friendzone him?

    You Intentions matter more than anything, recognizing what you want is the key to knowing what you are working towards.

    As the conversation goes, if you are both flirting that means there is some degree of interest towards you. And the messaging pattern and the content of the messages is a really good indication of how much.

    You can't really blame him for taking so long to reply because everyone has different citations in life, who know maybe he got his phone stolen and couldn't reply or maybe he is simply loosing interest in you and slowly ghosting you. I don't think non of us can know for sure.
    And I don't think what he said really matters much, he could just have been flirting. But if you want to think negative about it, he probably has a girlfriend and hence why he might be saying you were trouble and then saying he is the real trouble.

    Hope that helps, goodluck ✌️

  • First of all, horoscope should have nothing to do with this. This is a classic playing hard to get move that most men do and honestly, it's kinda douche. He's also trying to gauge your interest by using banter and trying to tell you that he is trying to be a bad boy, based on the jk I'm the trouble.


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