How to know if a handsome guy has a serious interest in you or is just a player/troll?

That has always been a worry of mine (and probably some other girls' too). I just can't take it seriously, trust the guy, that he has taken a genuine interest in me. I've always been self-conscious but even if that wouldn't play a role in this, I think it's impossible for handsome fellas to not be players or if somehow magically they weren't, how could they show a genuine interest in me when I'm rather awkward, different and mentally shaken.

How to know that these guys actually mean the things they they say? I just can't trust people, especially guys (sorry guys). :/

I'm pretty much without experience in this.


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What Guys Said 1

  • it goes both ways, can't trust a handsome guy, can't trust a pretty women. no one knows if the other is serious unless a person has the ability to read mind, doesn't matter if they're a male or female gf/bf/S. O., or a person you consider to be best friend for over 7 years, they will still betray you if it benefits them greatly. there's always going to be good and bad ones on both sides.


What Girls Said 2

  • I’m not sure. My crush has offered to let me stay with him for 3 days

  • I don't trust guys either.


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