How would a guy react?

If a woman you were good friends with who was very attractive, and allot of guys liked her started showing interest in you, would you automatically like her and want to date her? If you were not to bad your self.

Can a man be just friends with a woman who is very attractive, like a nine? Does he secretly fantasize about her? If they hang out allot and he always wants to touch her hug her and put his hands on her does this mean he likes her? If she suddenly showed


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  • personally, no the way I see it is if I were her friend and didn't like her before no amount of guys would change that it would be her actions that would change that if she did things that I liked and showed interest in me then it would be different but the fact lots of guys are showing interest in her is just a good thing for her I guess, it would be a good chance for her friend to show how much of a friend he is to her by not getting jelouse and help her decide on the right guy out of the lot :) not sayin my answer is correct but just my opinion :) truthfully if you were my friend and a lot of guys showed interest in you I would be more worried of loosing you as a friend because your time would be taken by them and I would probly do more for you in order to keep you as a friend and keep spending time with you like it always has been


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