Texting dilemma :( answers much appreciated!

Hi, so I've been crushing on this guy from work for about 4 weeks now, and I finally told my friend about how I think he's cute. She told me that they talk and that he thinks I am cute too. She told me to write down my number so she can give it to him, so I did and he got my number. The same day, he came up to me at work and introduced himself and I told him it was my last day working there, which it was because I found a new job. The next day, I received a text from him and he asked me how my new job was going, and I responded an hour later (because I had just seen the text then) saying the new job was great, thanks for asking :) and he never responded. This is the second day that has gone bye without receiving a text from him. I'm just wondering... Why would he text me to begin with if he wasn't planning on having the text messages lead to something? I don't mean to over-analyze the situation (which I know I am doing) because I don't know the guy at all. The only thing I know about him is that he thinks I'm cute, and he is single. I'm just wondering, what are some reasons why he wouldn't respond? Thanks!


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  • Try calling and striking up a conversation that way if you think this is someone you might really want to pursue.

    Don't let the unreliability of text messages stop you that easy.

    • Thank you so much for your response. I just realized that texting is really unreliable.

    • no prob... just thinking of times when I had someone a little annoyed with me not responding when I never actually got the message.

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  • To be honest with you the response you gave him may have made him think you are not really interested in him, because you only answered his question and did not ask him anything back or describe the new job. Some guys won't continue the conversation if they feel you are not interested in talking, and just answering a question with no detail and with out asking them something in return can make some guys feel like you are not interested in talking. My boyfriend is like that too.

    Try texting him to say hi and ask how he is doing. Hop that helps

    Good luck

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