What to do if she tells me she wants to hang out with me and loves my company but she flakes?

Me and her got on really well, until she kept going M. I. A every now and then when we were suppose to meet, even when she would initiate the meet up. I asked her what was going on with it and she responded with "Hey, I am really sorry. I think maybe it’s best just not to wait around because I don’t even know when I’m gonna be feeling right and I don’t wanna take the piss. Of course I do wanna hang out and chill with you I love your company. I’m just a bit off. I am sorry"

and i responded to her with... " I’m just trying to understand what is actually going on with you and it doesn’t sit right with me to just leave if you are going through something. All things aside I’m literally here to talk about anything that’s going through your mind. If you remember the conversation we had that night about not having to feel alone.. but if it is space that you need I’ll respect your decision. it’s down to you whether you want to let me in and understand what is going on"

now she has not replied.. what do I do?


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  • You're her second choice. Unless you know for a fact that she's just sick in bed (alone) or buried under a pile of work, then, she's on a date with someone else. It is a bad habit to book 2 dates on the same day, but there you have it

    • I wouldn't go on another date with her until she apologises and comes to my house, that way I can watch a film or read a book in my room

  • I have a friend who pulled shit like this more than once. Butters me up with telling me she wants to see me, but then bails everytime. Clearly I'm her plan B. I just stopped believing her and planning things with her.


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