For those who have online dated what was your experience like?

Definitely could be frustrating I feel like there's just so much competition on the guy's end. All the attention girls get online makes them lose interest extremely easy.
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  • Well they would never could speak with me in real life, so it's explain a lot. And better they don't speak with me in real life, because there I met most desperate ones 😅


Most Helpful Guy

  • Fucking horrible!!! Dont do it. Hated every second. Im daying every girl is bad but ones i ran into are terrible.

    • what happened on the date

    • Bitch was telling me about her ex, had daddy issues and needed her parents permission to go out. She was 23 and i was 25.

      Other was needy as fuck! Played games. was a mess. Name was Rachel.

      Other girl about a year ago just sext and had much common but in real i hsd to get her to talk. She texted how she enjoyed it but i was bored as fuck!!. She saying how much she talk me to her friends and etc. Im like yeah. Bye felicia.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I’m a bit put off by online dating. You hear so many stories, I’m reluctant to ever try!!


What Guys Said 3

  • I met my girlfriend online and made a few friends from women I contacted (these were all Asian), but the women in the US and Europe I contacted were a disaster (didn't even want to meet any of them in person)

  • It was always terrible. The women are never nothing like you had hope or as their profiles suggested.

  • yeah better in person


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