What are some advices you can give to a girl who is trying to get a guy to like her?

So, I have a crush on a guy from YouNow who lives far away. He's pretty nice and really sweet. I wanna end up dating him eventually. What are some advices and tips you can give me to make him like me?

I mean, I already messaged him and he messaged me back right away. I sent him another message and he hasn't sent me a message in 2 hours, but I'm not worried because he's actually one of those guys who are busy and has a busy life.

But, what are your tips and advice you can give me to make him like me?


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  • There's nothing you can say or do to make a guy like you, being you is the best person you can say or do and if he doesn't like you for you then forget him... So say what you would normally say and do what you would normally do... Don't walk on eggshells just so he would like you


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