Should I text him or wait?

So I’m really bad with this dating thing but honestly I really like the guy I’m talking to. He’s 26 and I’m 22. We matched on tinder then moved to snapchat after talking on there for months. I was away at college but I’m home now. He gave me his number a couple weeks ago and I texted him the next day. He asked me when we’re going on a date. We’ve never set an official date though because we will make plans for where and what and a day but never a time. He has asked me out and I have asked him out but we just tend to be busy with our lives. He’s very flirty over text. He texted first Saturday asking when we will go on a date. I said hmm I’m free Saturday. Before when he asked I said I was busy with school. Now I’m free. He always says he might be free which is a put off. So when I said I’m free Saturday he says: that might be a huge possibility!! I said ok what about a definte one. He says I’d love to but his friend who’s mom just died will be in town so he can’t make a promise. I said ok what about the 22nd or another Saturday and he said let’s do it. I asked him ok want to plan now or closer? He said closer so I said ok sounds good and he’s like: you sound good! I said hahaha and he’s like why did you laugh? I literally thought it was funny like bruh you just threw it right back with the flirting. I made an excuse: idek I’m like falling alseep right now sorry and he’s like awww that’s so cute! I didn’t respond but opened the message later in the afternoon the next day. He hasn’t texted since. He always very flirty and he kinda gets sexual sometimes but he proposed the date 3 times but we can’t find a mutual time to meet up. It’s been like this for months. The only time I texted first was the first text after he gave me his number. He’s texted first since. Should I wait? Maybe we should wait until we actually meet? He just hangs out with his grandma literally he snaps me from her house and then goes to the gym. We both like fitness. He also texts back immediately..


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  • If you want to continue just having a conversation with gim i dont see why you shouldn't text him. But, you both should plan out something in the near future and then make your schedules work around that time. Don't wait until it's a couple of days before, try the week before and make back up dates as well so if something important does come up on one of those dates then you have a definite fall back date. But plan those out in the future, not a day or hours from the date.


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