What is the best first date?


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  • This might seem very childish but I loved the amusement park if the girl was up for it. I continued to favor that setting all the way through my 20s. Riding those adrenaline-rushing rides like rollercoasters had some sort of icebreaker effect in my case where it made it very easy to start laughing and connecting after with the girl, and it wasn't hard to make some moves after we were laughing and side-to-side with each other.

    • Even better of an icebreaker than alcohol in my opinion.

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    • Even took my wife to one on our second date (Thunder Dolphin here in Japan):

      And it worked like a charm. We were laughing, holding hands, kissing, and later heading back to my place. The amusement park date never failed for me.

    • ... and we were both in our late 20s -- maybe a bit old to be going to amusement parks, but what the hell. :-D It worked so well for me in the past.

  • The one where she agrees to a second date after having sex on the first date. Oh, and she also buys me a bag of jalapeno flavored Dorito's cuz those are pretty awesome.


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