Why is this girl trying to bring me down?

This girl i know keeps trying to make me look bad infront of others... she keeps trying to gaslight me. She was in troubled home for youth and she also has a record for armed robbery with two men. I m a small town girl... with no history of anything except me moving out at 25 being a virgin... she keep trying to make me look bad and telling me i act ghetto... i cut her out of my life.. why would someone say they a friend only to bring u down?


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  • Many times it's because they have a bad opinion of THEMSELVES and by cutting you down, they improve their feeling of themselves and, hopefully, their status. You do not need to be with poisonous people such as this girl. I'm glad you cut her out of your life - that is certainly your choice to make.

    • I know for a fact that her adoptive mom send her to a home for crazy teens... which i guess lowered her status since she comes from a wealthy adoptive fam. She also kept making me feel like i couldnt take care of myself

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    • Count to ten. She obviously knows your "hot button" - the ways that she can get you upset. Don't play her game. Try to ignore her lies. Prove you are not what she says you are by your actions.

    • It went like this... we went out clubbing with a friend.. she then lied to my guy friend i was at the place next door and made him pay 2 tickets for her and him to get in and find me. while she knew where i was.. throwing up in the toilet... she came to me and screamed at me to go outside while she was gettin my guy friend and my jacket.. i was waiting outside for 20 min cause i couldnt get in and then she came back without my jacket and threathen to beat me up if i ever speak to her in that way... without telling my friend i was waiting outside in the cold to get my jacket... i begged the guardians to let me back in and then my guy friend was waiting 4 me with my jacket and then i stood up for myself and she called me crazy and started to threathen to beat me up... my guy friend stood on her side and didn't stand up 4 me... the next day she came at my door and turned the situation on me and called me a cold hearted bitch for cutting her out of my life

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  • Tbh I think that could be her personal issues , like maybe she does that to a lot of her friends, maybe she is jealous, maybe she feels superior by doing that. Cutting her out of your life is a good choice


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  • People generally make other people feel, how they feel...


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