Did this girl reject me? Or does she like me?

Been talking to a girl I’ve known for a while now. We never really “talked” but we would text and would stop for months, eventually a year since I got a new girlfriend. Anyways she writes lol and haha a lot in her messages to me (after every text). We never really have an actully convo just back and forth and light flirting. Anyways I asked her to the movies tonight, she said what time, I tell her, then she opens but doesn’t reply for 5 min. Then she respond with “I’m seeing that movie with my friend tonight lol” (sent that over Snapchat I saw the theatre) then sends “but next time Forsure!” I tell her let me know when you’re available next time and she wrote “okayyy (:”. Rejected? Is she into me? She responds very quick when I first text her. (Other info); She’s more flirty in person, kinda acts nervous in person (talks quickly, asks a lot of questions very quick, making mistakes), has called me over to talk to her before, smiles when I see her, sends selfies (sometimes, and usually just half her face)


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  • When a girl is into a guy, she will make it easy for him. There will be no rescheduling or lame excuses. Personally I'd stop wasting my time texting her unless you want to be her 'best friend'. Your story reminded me of this video I saw some time ago...


    • That was an interesting video! although I have no idea how you think I’m in a situation like this, it was still very informal

    • Your situation is different to the one in the video, but some elements reminded me of it that's all.

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