Should I make him take me out before I go back to his? (he invited me round)?

He’s 24, I’m 21 and I really fancy him but he seems like a f*ck boy as he keeps asking me back to his house. I met him on a night out and we’ve been texting since

I want to have fun with him and then see what happens from there. Maybe friends with benefits will turn into a relationship? I’m scared if I ask him out on a date he will say no and won’t talk to me again

I want a boyfriend but at the same time I’m 21, shouldn’t this be the time where I sleep around and experience different guys? I’m so confused :(

I was in a 3 year relationship so I’m not used to guys saying “come back to mine” I’m used to going on dates like dinner or cinema. I just want to be treated like a princess:(


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you dont mind having some fun go for it..
    But if you’re expecting something serious out of it, it might disappoint you..


What Girls Said 2

  • Are you really worrying about someone being a fuck boy when you are wanting to sleep around and be a FWB? Sounds ironic to me. I think you got your head screwed on backwards or something. Did someone put your head to spinning at some time in the past?

    • I want a relationship at the end of the day

    • Well that explains it all. No, you want to be used and than tossed away like some cheap condom. LOL

  • No don’t go to his house if he seems like a fuck boy


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