Less attractive because of my skin color?

I’m a bit lighter than Will Smith. (So still kinda dark). I hate my colour, feel like girls think I’m unattractive because of that.

Compared to other skin colours where does that put me?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • your skin color doesn't define you. what you hate about yourself someone will LOVE. you're beautiful in your own way and girls and people who judge are hateful disgusting people... don't ever listen to them. be you xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • You generally become what you think. If you hate your color, then your energy will project that hatred and discontent with self. This in turn will become a self fulfilling prophecy because such an energy will repel people in general, including women. Then you will just assume it was due to your color, when in fact it was more your hatred of it.


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  • The only reason your skin color will make you unattractive is if you let it define who you are.

  • If that's how u think your skin couples is least from the problome u have

  • Do you want it to be darker or lighter?


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