So is it okay for me to do that?

Me any my boyfriend been together for a year now and I love him but sometimes I feel like I’m kinda obsessed with him which isn’t a good thing because I find myself tripping over little things and it has caused problems in our relationship plenty of times so I’m upset with him today and I usually would call him and just argue but it had gotten to a point where we almost broken up over that so I was trying this new strategy where if I’m upset with him I won’t talk to him till I see him after work and if he asks why haven’t he heard from me I just tell him I was upset with him and the reason why because usually when he is upset with me he just won’t talk to me at all that day and he would talk to me after we get off work


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  • You need to just stop getting angry with him. You know it's little things, you know you love, you know it's no big deal so just let it go!

    • All I’m asking is , is it better not to talk to him for the day rather me calling him and we arguing making both of our day bad

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    • Right that’s all I was asking thank you

    • The reason I said the other thing is because then you run the risk of bottling it all up and that's bad for a whole other set of reasons, both aren't proper fixes long-term.

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  • you just really like him, but it isn't ok cause you'll push him away eventually. try trusting him a little more and give him space i'm sure he loves you too but maybe you're being a little clingy and that's why you guys argue a lot

    • Exactly but I’m saying isn’t it better to give him the space rather me calling him with a attitude

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