We have nothing to talk about while texting but it’s different in person?

So my boyfriend and I pretty much text all the time throughout each day, we have been together for 9 months, I feel like that we text so much throughout the day that there is just nothing to talk about anymore. But when we are together in person, it’s different and we talk a lot about anything. Is this an issue in our relationship? Or are we just talking so much through text that there is simply nothing left to talk about? Is this something to be worried about?

Sometimes texting that much can be exhausting as well.


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  • Holding a conversation via text isn't easy, and since the newness of your relationship is starting to wear off it's not surprising that your text conversations/constant contact is starting to wind down. I don't know any couple, that after being together for a long time still texts/talks all day, every day.

    As long as noting feels stagnant when you see each other in person I think you're fine. Send a few messages once in a while, but let the text-a-thons fizzle out.


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