Asking a guy out?

I asked a guy to go out with me
I sent him email asking would he like to join me at xyz restaurant next time he’s in town?
He replied back and said sounds an interesting place, be fun to give it a try. I replied back asking him to let me know when next time he is in town that I can make reservation.
Today, I overhead from a common friend that he’ll coming to the town next week, but don’t know what day, what should I do? Sending him email asking or do nothing? I am the one who is doing the invitation.
I’d like playing it cool


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  • A guy never forgets a girl asking him out like this so if he is coming to town without telling you then either he knows he is going to be too busy to go out this time OR he simply isn't interested and thinks that ignoring you is the easiest way to let you down. So emailing him letting him know you know he's coming or asking again would be of no advantage to anyone. Also guys can sometimes be pretty casual about this sort of thing so he might not have gotten around to telling you yet and could even wait until he's already there to let you know he's keen to go. What seems like a big deal to you maybe menial to him, as in if he is too busy this time around he would see no reason to tell you he's coming only to disappoint you that he's too busy this time (an give you a reason to actually think he is blowing you off when he really isn't). He may just be thinking 'I just won't tell her this time and will do the date next time when I'm not so busy' girls may have trouble understanding that logic but to a guy it makes absolute perfect sense. Either way, you left the ball squarely in his court so you really have no option but to wait until he moves on your offer... Or doesn't. What else can you possibly do? Every other outcome is undesirable. So basically forget about it, you're making nothing into something and doing your head in about it for no reason. Go forth an continue to live life as per normal.

    • Also did you state or make it clear this is a date and not just hanging out as friends? Many times in the past girls have asked me out like this in a casual manner leaving me totally unprepared and surprised to discover she was interested in me and it was a date and not just an invitation to hang out as friends. Unless it is stated to me that it's a date I (and most other guys) will assume that it isn't a date and therefore make it a lower priority. A couple of times I've sat through entire 'dates' thinking it was just friendly hanging, only to be asked later via text messages if I am interested or questioned why I made no moves and acted so casually. Apparently reading minds is an ability guys should have and being asked to hang out automatically implies it's a date, eventhough the word date was never actually mentioned. It's only obvious to you because you're the one who asked and you had that intention the entire time. He has no idea you like him so why would he assume its a date?

    • So if you haven't already, the one thing you should do is follow up with another email just stating that when you originally asked to go to dinner that you meant on a proper date. If he doesn't reply to that, you know he isn't interested.

    • We have been flirting for months, he is the VP of the company I work for. Working in two different office locations, He asked me to give him ride two times, and one time he said next time we see each other we get together, but it never happened because I wasn t sure how to approach so I waited for him. This time I decided well I’m going to ask him myself. I don’t want to sound pushy, I’d like to spend time with him but not sure how to approach it

  • Honestly, just play it cool. If you don't hear back from him then email once more perhaps and call it quits on him

  • Well if he is interested he should let you know when he is in town


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