Teenage boys about girls?

okay so i dated a guy 2 years younger than me and we were ‘talking’ for 7 months then he asked me out on valentine’s day, 4 or 3 months later i broke up with him he was upset n shit.

but then we had a streak on snapchat and one day he sent a pic of half of his face instead of the black screen streaks and i was kind of drunk or high idkkk and then i replied with hot because it used to be a joke we had.

so we started talking as friends again.

i join an instagram live he did and when he said i joined all of his FRIENDS i never knew said stuff about my big “boobies” BRUH THEY SAID BOOBIES.

They said he only dated me for my body and not personality. but he was so in love with me like if i showed y’all paragraphs and random texts like i wouldn’t reply and he’d message me on another app. it was cute and he never asked me for my body and stuff unless i sent him pics or showed him.

so i’m confused

boys what do you and your friends say about ur gfs n shit.


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  • I would never ask a guy for advice about a girl nor talk about a girl with guys. I have female friends for that.


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