Does this mean he wants me to leave me alone or isn't interested in me anymore without hurting my feelings?

This year I met a guy through my best friend. Its her cousin who is from out of state and is in the navy visiting family. She kind of tried to set us up which I wasn't interested until I met him and was hanging out with him all day. He asked for my number gave it to him and we started talking. We talked everyday when he was in town and tried to get me to hang out with him but I was busy. We hung out the last day he was in town and we kissed that night. After he left we talked all the time then suddenly he became hot and cold with me. He told me he was going to be deployed and we talked for a week while he was deployed. After a week never heard from him again til couple months later he sent me a text but never replied. Guessing he was back home. One night I sent him a drunk text asking him if he didn't want to talk to me anymore to me since he hasn't and seems he isn't interested anymore. Told him i would understand if he didn't want to talk to me anymore. Got a text next morning from him saying that was weird and told me he was busy that night. I apologized and never heard from him again. I never text him again. He never game me an answer if he wanted to talk to me or liked me. Was that an excuse saying he isn't interested in me anymore without hurting my feelings? Thought he liked me. Would it be weird if I sent him a friendly text now?


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  • Guys in the service see a lot of bad things. My dad retired from the Marines and there are things he never likes to talk about. He tells me war is horrible and a lot of people suffer bad things if they aren't killed.
    Maybe your guy was thinking about things that upset him or something. I think you should text him and also try to be understanding that they see and do things that we never will.

    • Maybe my drunk text annoyed him and thought I was crazy? I didn't mean to I was just upset and drunk lol told him I was sorry and never heard from him since.

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