How do I get over an old crush?

It’s been a year, and My feelings for him are strong (if not stronger) as if I saw him yesterday. I even remember his number, though I’ve never called him. Sick, I know. But I’ve been strong and trying to move on. Emotionally and mentally, I’m stuck and fixated on him. I have no choice but to suppress everything because he’s long gone.

Has anyone else been through this? If so, how did you get over it?


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  • You need to tell him how you feel about him and your feelings will go away.

    • I’ve thought about that for the longest time and have yet to find the guts to do it. I feel like it’ll be a way of just... finally letting go of everything and truly walking away.
      Thanks. :)

    • Its better to do it late than never.

    • naah

      it can trigger an opposite chain reaction too

  • keep yourself busy with productive things. that keep you growing. the best way to get over something or someone is to focus on yourself in a positive way


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  • It takes time. You Need some distractions, and Maybe to meet someone new.

  • Make new things, go to new places and give you the oportunity to be happy


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