Does any other girl find herself attracted to men that teach them or do any guys feel attracted to women they teach anything?

I realized I get instantly more attracted to a man when he teaches me something. It happens with literal teachers at my school (of course not every single one), with my tutor, with guys in my class who explain something to me, or even just when I am chatting with a guy and he talks to me about something he knows a lot about... you know what I mean?


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  • It sounds similar to Florence Nightingale effect, so there is a controversial side to it, especially with a professional teachers. Anyway vast majority of female teachers in my school was not physically attractive enough for me to even start thinking in that direction, and as a man I tend to care more about it more than girls, also it's more likely to make me feel less attracted to a woman, because if a woman known more than me it can weigh on my masculine pride, well maybe unless she explain to me something that is related to thing that men are not expect to be good at. Anyway it's rare for me to meet a woman who have more knowledge than me anyway, so usually it's me who do the explanations, when needed. :)


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  • Well I've never thought about it this way but generally I love it when people talk to me about things they're passionate about. It creates this sense of intimacy.


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  • Yeah I crushed on teachers in high school quite a bit. Its pretty normal because they are in a position of authority over you so feel powerful and wise. Plus they are someone you see others respecting.

    As the teacher its super awkward because we almost never think of the students that way, or at least I don't. Im too busy focusing on getting through all the material and keeping on top of the students not paying attention :p

  • I had a couple of my soldiers develop crushes on me after being in my squad for a couple months. Kind of cute.

    • what soldiers?

    • My soldiers. I'm a Sgt in the army and I got new soldiers in my squad. After a couple months I hear they developed a crush. It's more common than I thought.

  • You like smart men its rare but its good.
    I think is one of the best sex typos possible


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