Why are people suprised that I'm single?

People ask me if I'm single and I say yes and people ask me really why? And I say because I have an ugly face.

But why are so many people asking why I'm single if they already know the answer
Like foreal even when guys ask me out I say I'm too ugly for you so don't ask me out


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  • Okay let's get one thing straight. When someone asks you out, don't say you are ugly. Because what you think you look like is NOT what you actually look like in the eyes of other. Appreciate the fact that they think you are attractive and that they want to ask you out. For them being 'surprised' that you are single is either them being flirty or them genuinely surprised that you are single because they find you attractive

  • If Scarlet Johanson tells me that she is very ugly and because of that I dont want to go out with her, what I think she is saying is that I am very ugly and dont want to be with me.
    If those men were for you, its very likely its what they understood.

  • Same here. No idea.

    • Update: that has something to do with your insecurity.

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